SIJHL’s Wisconsin Wilderness Make Coaching Change

Change, even when it is for the best, is almost always painful for someone.  The Wisconsin Wilderness have certainly seen their fair share of change in the last year.  New owners, new management, and new coaches have been part of the transition in Spooner Wisconsin.

The Wilderness have been known for developing and producing some great Tier II junior hockey talent and have traditionally been a force in moving players up to NCAA levels.  This season, with so much change, recruiting was not done in its usual way, and the team has struggled to fill its roster while struggling on the ice.

Thats not to say the Wilderness players cant get it done.  They are a skilled group of young men.  Something was missing though, and new Wilderness Owner Lars Geary knew it.

John McCreary has been an Associate Head Coach for the Central Wisconsin Saints in the Minnesota Junior Hockey League this season and has been part of the “turn around” of that franchise.

“When the opportunity came up and I had a chance to meet with Lars and see the facility, it really came together rather quickly.”  Said John McCreary.  “While I certainly did not want to leave the Saints and the great organization we had assembled there on and off the ice, Tier II opportunity doesnt come around that often as a coach.  I certainly want to thank the Saints organization for actually developing this opportunity for me and allowing me to move up like they allow the players to move up.”

“We dont expect things to change on the ice over night, but the atmosphere changed in the first few hours of Coach McCreary arriving”  Said Owner Lars Geary.  “While it was hard to make the coaching change in some ways, in the end we know it was the right thing and the right time.  It definitely shook things up in the dressing room, and maybe that shakeup will help with some energy this weekend.”

McCreary has seen his share of the United States in the last few years; Texas, New Mexico, Florida and Wisconsin.  A coaches life is often one on the move.  This time the move is only three hours down the road, and he now has a relationship to develop players back with the Central Wisconsin Saints.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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