Statement On Florida Hockey Referencing Recent USPHL Palm Beach Hawks News

After a few phone calls, and some complaints from readers, I wanted to take a minute and clarify recent news on the Palm Beach Hawks folding.

Most important in this clarification is that TJHN is not taking back a single word that was written about Palm Beach.  It has been a disaster for years.  The fact that the team no longer exists is good for hockey, and even better for Florida hockey.  Lets hope they are not reincarnated down the road.

That said, the Palm Beach Hawks should not be taken as a measuring stick for all of hockey in Florida.  There are some good programs in Florida, and some good people involved in those programs.

TJHN as a policy will never endorse one team or another, so we wont be saying who we like publicly or privately.  Those of you wanting to ask can stop writing your emails now because they will be deleted.

Like any other pay to play program, its value is found in one simple thing……

How many players move on to higher levels of junior, or NCAA hockey.  That is the only measuring stick anyone needs to use for any program.

So for those of you who enjoy the beach, we wish you the best if you chose Florida, the Carolinas or anywhere else warm.