The Death Pool – Annual Tier 3 Expansion And Death Watch Begins

Mondays. We all love them. The can be optimistic or they can be dreadful. This is particularly true in the months of June and July.

With summer camp season in full swing, and the NAHL draft taking place tomorrow, the door for Tier 2 dreams will quickly be slammed in the faces of thousands of players.

And then the Tier 3 battle begins.

With another 14 Tier 3 expansion teams in North America this year, we will see at least that many fold again this spring and summer.

Mondays. Teams can love them as they leave a camp and have a few new players signed and their roster starts to fill.

Mondays. Teams hate them as they leave a camp and don’t sign anyone new and their roster numbers are dangerously low.

Mondays. Coaches sell bullshit up the ladder to ownership about how great things are going for their Tier 3 team and ownership choses to believe it all until its too late.

Starting next Monday we will begin the Death March. Teams have already begun folding. Teams from last season changing names, relocating, or simply disappearing from league websites without explanation.

Its all so predictable. Stick around folks, its about to heat up as summer arrives in the world of Junior Hockey.