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The Death Pool – BCHL Update Concerning Affiliate Player Plan

The BCHL is making moves to attempt to solve their problem of not being able to use affiliate players from Hockey Canada sanctioned programs.

How do they do that you may ask?

They attempt to raid Hockey Canada and USA Hockey sanctioned U18 programs and place those players into a U18 league that is not sanctioned by Hockey Canada or USA Hockey.

Thats right, not only does the BCHL want to raid the United States and the rest of Canada for BCHL players, but they want to try to stock their own prospect pool in an unsanctioned league. But of course this is all about the players right?

If it is about “development” and “the players” then someone needs to answer a few questions, and players need to be aware of a few things.

First, any player who plays in an unsanctioned league after September 30th is banned from playing on a sanctioned team in a sanctioned league for a full calendar year. So, if you decide to leave in January, or you are cut or injured, you won’t be playing on a sanctioned team until the following January. The ban is a full calendar year, not just the duration of a season.

Second, where is the BCHL insurance policy for players? Why hasn’t it been published?

Where is the BCHL planning to get their on and off ice officials from?

Why haven’t players been told about this unsanctioned affiliated player opportunity before showing up to BCHL camps?

Some are saying I am being too critical of the BCHL. Some are saying I don’t support independent hockey. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have supported the USPHL and NCDC since their inception. I support the EHL as well.

What I do not support is smoke and mirrors story telling. I do not support the made up premise that the BCHL decision to leave Hockey Canada is anything more than the BCHL’s ego being hurt after not being given special status by Hockey Canada.

Had the BCHL left Hockey Canada because they were being denied expansion like the EHL was from USA Hockey, then who could be critical?

Had Hockey Canada used arbitrary reasons to deny the BCHL Tier I status, who could bleame them?

The facts are clear, the BCHL made this move for themselves. Thats it. Nothing more. If they said that, then who could blame them? That would actually take balls, and frankly, a lot more people would probably support the change if they had said they were tired of being seen as Tier II or Junior A.

Instead though, they make up reasons to try to define the move as what is best for players and development. This is simply not the case.

This is not about developing British Columbia athletes. Only five players from British Columbia are required to be on each BCHL roster.

This was a big gamble of a budiness decision. And it is starting to look like it really wasn’t all that well planned out. Why?

A new Junior A league in British Columbia is coming. One sanctioned by Hockey Canada and BC Hockey. When will that happen? More on that in a few days.

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