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The Death Pool – Buffalo Regals Officially Dead

Yeah, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does it make a sound and does anyone really give a shit about it? Who knows and not really.

The Buffalo Regals have been the laughing stock and statistical multiplying machine for the GOJHL for years. Thankfully now, they are done. Stick a fork in them for good.

The border closure and COVID are a gift for the GOJHL in this regard. The Regals were simply a bad organization from top to bottom. Bad coaching, bad recruiting, and terrible branding. These guys couldn’t even maintain a website in a professional manner.

In the last two seasons the Regals won 5 out of 100 games played. Really. Can you imagine how bad this team was?

In the last two seasons the Regals scored 164 goals and allowed 855 goals against. No. That is not a joke, those are real stats.

Every GOJHL player had games against the Regals circled on the schedule. It was stat padding night every night. Pile on the points boys the only thing helping the Regals keep point totals lower was that the clock would keep running sometimes.

Now we know the Buffalo Jr Sabres are out for the year, and the Regals are done. What about all the other teams in the United States that play in Canada?

Something tells me some more news will be coming concerning those programs.

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