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The Death Pool – CAJHL Death Watch Update

The CAJHL is Canada’s version of the Bad News Bears on ice when looking at talent, and off the ice management is about the level of the Benny Hill show.

The five “team” league is an abomination to be called “junior hockey” and people involved with the league know it, but refuse to let go of the financial stream it generates.

From games being cancelled or “postponed”, to standings not being updated for the games that were actually played, to lack of live scoring and missing statistics, the CAJHL has all the bases of the Bad News Bears covered.

But those league organizational details are just the beginning. Let’s review last weekend, shall we?

On Friday October 7th, there was a game scheduled between Vegreville and the AMP Warriors that either took place with no statistics reported, did not take place, or something in between. Its hard to know because there is nothing on the league website concerning this game.

In the other game scheduled between Barrhead and Cold Lake, Barrhead lost 9 to 4 while being out shot 61 to 22. Yes, nothing says quality like those numbers.

The high quality “junior hockey” game also featured ten skaters and two goalies for Barrhead while Cold Lake had a whopping thirteen skaters and three goalies dress for the game. Quality and not quality in numbers is clearly the agenda for both of these teams.

Saturday, Cold Lake took their thirteen skaters and matched up with the AMP Warriors who showed up with a full roster only to get their asses kicked by Cold Lake 5 to 0. Once again the quality of recruiting on full display with the AMP Warriors squad losing badly to the out numbers Cold Lake team.

In Saturday’s other high-quality matchup, Barrhead once again got pumped. This time by Vegreville and a score of fifteen to zero! Yes, 15 to 0. Balanced talent obviously. Barrhead was also out shot fifty-nine to eighteen.

With all the quality play, and balanced competition, scouts are said to be lining up for the free beer provided by sponsors who have said they are attempting to dull the pain of watching for people dumb enough to pay for tuition and admission.

Fortunately though because of continued league incompetence statistics have not been properly entered for all games and are not yet reflected in the standings. This of course is a continuation of what has become a tradition in the CAJHL of just basically making a mockery of junior hockey and any standards people can and should expect.

All five teams are still on life support. With two very close to being unable to continue do to low roster numbers and players contacting other teams in other leagues, we will continue to watch and wait to toss this dumpster fire into the landfill.

Stick around. The GMHL West season is scheduled to start in eleven days, and we cannot wait for this disaster to begin.

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