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The Death Pool – CAJHL Founded In Deception

The Can-Am Junior Hockey League miraculously appeared just the other day with six member teams. Shocking I know. Shocking to everyone but those six teams who began their creation while scamming the Western States Hockey League they were members of just a few days ago.

December 15th, 2021 is the critical date. On that date the Can-Am league purchased their domain name and began creating the logo and website.

Why is December 15th, 2021 a critical date?

Because on December 15th, 2021 all six teams were still legally members of the WSHL.

On December 19th, 2021 five of the six teams headed to Las Vegas to participate in the WSHL annual showcase.

The sixth team made a claim on December 18th, 2021 that they could not make it due to COVID testing issues. This last minute cancellation automatically terminated their membership in not only the WSHL, but AAU and the United Hockey Union.

So all five teams in Las Vegas participating in the WSHL showcase were doing so while completely planning to leave the WSHL. If that alone is not enough to show the dishonesty involved, some of these teams did not pay their bills for the Las Vegas showcase.

These teams received the benefits of the WSHL hard work, organization, and creation of the showcase, they did not pay their bills, and the whole time they were planning on leaving.

If that is not a financial scam I don’t know what else would qualify. A deliberate plan to screw the WSHL out of the money for the showcase and then leave. Classy.

So after the showcase, these teams asked for a conference call. The call was granted, and on that call the five teams participating were informed that their membership in the WSHL was terminated and that along with that termination, their on ice insurance, off ice insurance, building liability insurance and UHU membership were all also canceled.

The CAJHL now has a league of their own, debt to the old league, and no player insurance, no referee insurance and no building insurance. Great move guys, brilliant.

Thankfully though the league has a nice logo while using a recycled name from a league that already failed decades ago.

How is any parent or player going to trust any owner or coach in this league? How is any referee or building supposed to trust any of these people in this league?

If they don’t pay their bills to the league and set out to leave while receiving benefits from the WSHL, that shows these people can not be trusted.

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