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The Death Pool – CPJHL Kills Two Teams Owned By The Fish

Oh yes. Reports for months of misappropriated funds, and broken promises have been coming in to TJHN from parents of players on the Muskoka Anglers and Scarborough Wexford Raiders.

Multiple conversations have taken place with the outgoing commissioner Stephane Levault.

Additional conversations were had with AAU-UHU leadership regarding the sanctioning of these teams, and the information obtained by TJHN regarding these franchises.

The CPJHL now has banned Brian Fish for life. They have additionally terminated the memberships of both franchises effective immediately.

The GMHL, was the first stop for the Fish, then he set up shop with two teams in the CPJHL with front people listed as managers. Later it was revealed that is was Fish pulling the strings.

Finally after a mountain of complaints, and clear evidence of potentially illegal use of player funds, Fish is now done.

Known for making incredible, and unsubstantiated promises to players and parents when recruiting, Fish was famous in hockey circles.

Getting mailing lists from other people, and claiming to have scouted players, never having seen them, he always filled a roster full of desperate players.

Unprofessional? That’s an understatement. Deceptive? That’s the understatement of the year.

The only question now is will charges be coming for Mr. Fish. With a number of parents having contacted the authorities, this may only be the beginning of this story.

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