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The Death Pool – EHL’s Maine Eclipse Dead

The Maine Eclipse. Not only was it a terrible hockey team name from the start, but this was simply a bad organization from the beginning.

From poorly executed start up that began a two years ago, to telling people they were already approved for the EHL more than a year before actually receiving approval, to now completely shitting the bed in in the first week of operation and being killed off.

Oh and these guys were killed off by the league too. Not just the EHL team but the EHLP team has been killed off with both teams now registering forfeits for their last game in the EHL and last two games in the EHLP.

From the very beginning two years ago this was a mess in the making. The “ownership group” was lead by two guys with virtually no experience in hockey operations, and no ownership experience at all. How the EHL let this group into the league is still baffling to everyone in hockey.

Rumors two years ago of the Eclipse going into Keene New Hampshire after acquiring the old Philadelphia Revolution franchise were shot down quickly by the City of Keene. Only after and NA3HL team folded were the Eclipse owners James Ryerse, Patrick Cannon and Scott Brown able to find a home in Biddeford Maine.

After a 13 game season last year, the Elcipse were billing themselves as a contender this year out on the summer recruiting circuit. After finishing 3-9-1 in the first shortened season, they were anything but close to being a contender.

Turns out that talking and playing are two different things.

After getting their asses kicked in each of their first four games scoring three goals while allowing 37 goals against, the wheels started falling off. Players started leaving, and the forfeits started to come.

Rumors of all kinds are now spreading. From ownership to coaches the pointing of fingers is going in every direction. And this is one of the primary reasons for this teams failure. A failure to lead effectively and take responsibility for terrible decision making and a terrible organization.

How the EHL let these guys in and approved a franchise sale to them is another question. There is no way this group, lead by Ryerse should have ever been approved for ownership. When Ryerse two years ago was telling people in Keene that the EHL team was a “done deal” before any approvals were made, that was a huge red flag that someone ignored.

Now players are scrambling to find new teams for the season. How many players? No one really knows as there are rumors that some players on the roster didn’t exist or were playing in other places.

And now, we have the first public execution of a team for 2021-2022. Start digging some holes because this is only the first one of what will surely be a few more.

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