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The Death Pool – GMHL Kills Off South Muskoka Shield For 2023-2024

There looks to be a changing of operational standards taking place in the GMHL over the last six to ten months. A new way of operating, and holding people accountable for their actions and inaction seems to be taking shape and taking hold in Ontario.

The South Muskoka Shield have been a member of the GMHL since 2006. The GMHL’s leadership to ban South Muskoka from competing in the league for th 2023-2024 season, is a very large step forward.

Why the ban? Well the Spouth Muskoka owner, Troy Kahler has plainly made a public ass of himself as reported on TJHN in January. The Death Pool – Troy Kahler The GMHL’s Latest Donkey Show

Kahler, the Owner, General Manager and Coach of South Muskoka is still suspended by the GMHL while his assault charges are pending. The GMHL, has given him a window of opportunity to sell the franchise so that it may potentially resume operations in the 2024-2025 season.

One has to wonder what is happening with the GMHL today. Such firm governance stances regarding teams and their owners is certainly a new position being taken.

Rumors regarding new policies being put in place regarding player rights, refund policies, and operational standards for every GMHL franchise have been leaking out for the last six months. Could this stance on South Muskoka be ushering in a new level of operational standards for the GMHL?

If there is a new level or operational standards, and new guidelines being put in place protecting players and parents from predatory financial practices that have been used by some operators in the past, a new look may be given to the GMHL as a whole.

One has to wonder if these new standards and practices will be used to bring the GMHL West and Derek Prue under control moving forward. Could there even be room for the GMHL West and Derek Prue to continue it’s association with the GMHL?

Rumors regarding the GMHL West and Derek Prue’s days being numbered are only continuing to get louder. Another rumor only just recently coming out of Western Canada has Prue getting kicked out of the GMHL all together, or leaving the GMHL to begin his own league, depending on who you talk to.

The GMHL has made the beginning of May and the “off season” that much more interesting by making this move in South Muskoka. As we move through recruiting season, and more massive pay to play expansion, this looks to be the very first of many teams that will not play in 2023-2024.

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