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The Death Pool – GMHL West Moved To Intensive Care – Deaths Are Imminent

The GMHL West is the abomination created by the unholy union of greed and stupidity. Sprinkle in some complete misrepresentations and you have nothing short of the worlds saddest abomination attempting to call itself junior hockey.

The Tumbler Ridge Steel Kings, also known as the Tumbler Ridge copper wire thieves, are first on the critical care list.

Originally planned to start their season on October 1, the dates were pushed back to October 21, just before the original start date. The excuse used then? They had just hired a new coach, and he had not had enough time to fill the roster with the quality players he wanted. Okay. Fair enough if you are in the mood to eat some bullshit, you could swallow that one.

Funny though, the copper wire thieves have moved that coach over to the MacKenzie avalanche disasters. Oh sorry, I meant the Moutaineers. The same Mountaineer team that was one of the worst teams in hockey history if you could even call that joke a hockey team.

What do these two teams have in common? They have the same owner! The same owner that owns at least two other GMHL West pyramid schemes.

Now, the copper wires thieves have moved their start date once again to November 4th. Yep, more than a month from the original date.

Only this time the excuse for changing is now BC Hockey is putting too much pressure on them. They cant get players or referee’s because BC Hocky is picking on the little GMHL West. LMFAO

Right, like the donkey’s running the GMHL West and the GMHL didn’t know this would happen because it happens every year in every province they operate in.

Lets call a spade a spade. This is just another shit show trying to rip off people and people are becoming more aware of the scam.

Three more GMHL West expansion scams are also on life support. Not enough players, and once again communities are getting wise to the game being played off the ice with the money.

A total of four teams in the GMHL West have yet to play a game. Three teams are right now scheduled to play this weekend. Will it happen? Or will more delays be announced and finger pointed at other people for the reasons why it is happpening?

Stay tuned. We got you covered with this rotting GMHL West corpse coverage.

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