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The Death Pool – GOJHL Disaster With COVID Ineligible Players Results In 30 Forfeits

Stupid. Cheating. Failure of leadership. Actionable offense. All of these words and phrases can describe the absolute idiocy on display in multiple GOJHL organizations.

The results of 30 Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League games have been changed by five Golden Horseshoe Conference teams that manipulated and avoided the league’s vaccination policy.

Hamilton as well as Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Thorold and Welland were all had points taken away in the standings for failing to ensure the vaccination status of their player personnel and using ineligible players and staff who didn’t meet vaccine policy requirements.

The Niagara Falls Canucks were caught and will forfeit 29 points from 13 victories and three overtime losses in 24 games from Sept. 24 through Dec. 3. A member of the Canucks organization has been suspended indefinitely and the team tumbled to dead last in the conference with a 1-23-1 record. And they should have simply been banned for the rest of the season.

Thorold dropped two wins for using an ineligible player and staff member across six games, Hamilton forfeited two wins for an ineligible player and St. Catharines and Welland were stripped of a victory each.

Ok. Now I have to ask;

How fucking stupid are you people who did this?

Not only do you get caught and show everyone you are shitty leaders and do not deserve to work in junior hockey, but you put peoples lives at risk for the sake of winning Junior B games? Really? Again, how fucking stupid are you?

If I am a parent on another team and these donkey’s put my child at risk of contracting COVID, my attorney would be banging on peoples doors today! If you think some parents aren’t already thinking this way you are as dumb as the guys who just got caught.

The players who were unvaccinated? What about them? Shouldn’t they face additional suspensions?

Cheating is cheating. Whether or not being unvaccinated was a competitive advantage we will never know. But if the team was recruiting players who specifically did not want a vaccination, it could be a recruiting advantage that took place all summer. That is the definition of cheating, particularly when the club is the Niagara Falls Canucks who were dominating the GOJHL!

In a time when games are getting cancelled again, and its been proven that vaccinated people can contract the new COVID variant, how could any group of people be so stupid and reckless?

The GOJHL needs to be harder on these people. This is simply not enough, and the Canucks franchise should simply be killed off or fined to a point where no one will ever think of cheating like this again. They should be buried.

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