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The Death Pool – Its Not Really Junior Hockey When……

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you are all enjoying the start of another great hockey season.  Well I mean I hope all of you who made good team choices this year are enjoying the season!  Ha Ha Ha 

For those of you who find yourself on a team that resembles one of the ones below….you got no one to blame but yourselves and your bad choices.

So yeah, I have been getting a lot of emails with some awesome stories lately.  I thought I would share a few from the Tier III shit show files.

Its Not Junior Hockey When…..

Its not junior hockey when you are driving down the highway and your coach goes on a raving rant at three in the morning because he drank a twelve pack of beer and pissed himself in his sleep.

Its not junior hockey when your coach is talking to players about how he is banging one of the billet moms while her husband is at work.

Its not junior hockey when one of your team mates gets caught banging his billet mom, and the billet mom is the head coaches wife. This is simply a beauty.

Its not junior hockey when you have 12 year old players at practice because you don’t have enough bodies to run a full practice.

Its not junior hockey when you are playing games with 14 skaters, and two of them are backup goalies.

Its not junior hockey when there are five goalies on your pay to play team.

Its not junior hockey when you are losing every game by and average of four or five goals per game.

Finally, its not junior hockey when your own team charges you for skate sharpening, and the head coach is pocketing the money!

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