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The Death Pool – Lots Of Trouble In Canada – Guest Writer

Today’s Death Pool is written by a guest who is auditioning to take over the series. Please let us know what you think via Twitter.

Canada. Great beer. Great fishing. Great hunting. Wonderfully kind and generous people. Great hockey. Did I mention great beer?

When I write about great hockey I mean all the leagues in the CJHL, all three Major Junior leagues, and a bunch of Junior B leagues. There are so many great programs that cost nothing to play, or charge a reasonable tuition.

So why the hell does the CAJHL even exist? Why do the GMHL and GMHL West exist? They serve no real purpose and offer no real development or advancement opportunity.

Maybe some people are starting to figure it out that those three leagues are not just shit shows, but complete wastes of time and money.

The GMHL West has started play, yet all of a sudden four of their teams are not starting to play until October 21st now? I wonder how that happened. How do six teams begin play and four more have to wait another month?

A little trouble recruiting maybe? No players wanting to waste time and money? Or maybe Tribal Elders are finally saying “no” to funding hockey that takes players no where?

The CAJHL rumors are running wild now too. Only one team out of five is said to have enough players to be considered ready to start the season. The CAJHL season begins in three days. Lets watch for game cancelations and we can not wait to see the rosters posted.

You know what the GMHL West and the CAJHL have in common?

Both are in Western Canada. Both prey on Native American/First Nations people for funding. And both were actually once part of the WSHL.

In each instance, the CAJHL and the GMHL West once were part of a legitimate league, and in each instance, they wanted more money for themselves. Rather than pay to have real governance, insurance, and a respectable showcase where players actually moved on, they chose themselves.

Why are some players still going to these time wasting teams? Why not go to legitimate teams that play in legitimate leagues? There are plenty of teams still in need of players.

Based on messages from our great TJHN readers there are four teams in each of these leagues who are on the ropes and do not have enough players to play. Eight teams all in Western Canada. All eight teams fighting for the same players.

How many survive? My money is on at least four of them folding and probably six. Lets hear your guesses on Twitter and Facebook.

Jake Gardner – Guest writer

*The Death Pool, if I get the job, will be my personal platform to point out the stupidity of people in junior hockey today. No one will be safe, and no topic off limits.

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