The Death Pool – Meadow Lake Mustangs Sent To Glue Factory

The Meadow Lake Mustangs were a disaster. On the ice, when players showed up, or when they weren’t suspended, they could barely compete.

Off the ice, the whole organization was a financial mismanagement nightmare. While the “team” was collecting upward of Thirteen Thousand Dollars from players for tuition, there are some unpaid bills facing the team that Owner Glenn Winkler cant account for.

Winkler further blamed his problems on the WSHL because the league discipline committee suspended players. The WSHL has a rule that when players leave the bench to join an altercation, those players receive a minimum 5 game suspension.

Glenn Winkler still has yet to explain why there was no security or medical staff at the game, or at most of the other games played at Meadow Lake. Maybe security would have helped the assistant coach from Hinton from being assaulted by Meadow Lake fans at their last game?

Meadow Lake Head Coach Marty Ross, of course was a leader of young men and mentor to how to get suspended for inappropriate behavior, and lack of self control. After all, before their last game, Ross was handed a suspension for himself.

The WSHL was trying to keep Meadow Lake on the ice until the end of the season before there was a planned review of its membership. That review, based on the information obtained, likely would have meant Meadow Lake would have had its membership terminated by the league anyway.

Now, the WSHL is cleaning up the Meadow Lake mess and assigning players to new teams where possible in order to allow them to complete their seasons.