The Death Pool – Monday Morning Police Reports

Hope everyone is recovering nicely from St. Patricks day, and that no ones antics from yesterday land them in the next Death Pool! Ha Ha Ha

We got us a stupidity problem with people these days. Seriously stupid people are running around doing seriously stupid stuff. All the hockey handbooks in the world couldn’t prepare people for some of this shit!

So lets hear a big round of applause for Scott Payne, 51, and Jayden Payne, 23. Looks like old Scott and Jayden decided to attack some referee’s in their dressing room because they didn’t like some calls in the game that another Payne was playing in!

Yes. When you don’t like the call, just go to the referee’s room and beat them up! What a bunch of moron’s. Where do these assholes come from and why are they all hockey families? Just amazing.

Then we got two teams full of dumbasses. Yep. Its always a good idea to have two teams just go balls out and fight everywhere.

Not much else to say except some parents need to get their kids educated on sportsmanship and the fact that this is just some bullshit game no one would have remembered if not for this dumb shit.

Then we have the classic. The former Springfield Express. We heard rumors and received a lot of shit about this one just over a year ago, and now it looks like the truth is coming out.

Yeah, the former owner of the Springfield Express, Andrea Coger is being
accused of stalking, sexually harassing and threatening a player, who used to live with her, according to civil court records.

Looks like those text messages she was sending a player while she was banging him or whatever may have caught up with her. Now everyone knows.

Coger also known as the “Cougar” was banned by SafeSport in 2018 for sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. Hmmmmm I wonder how that happens before the current court action? Yep, have to wonder about a lot of shit these days.

I guess the moral of todays news is that its not only men that are sick shits, got to watch out for some women too.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I Salute You!
*The Death Pool is a mix of Comedy, and Satire in connection with recent events. It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.