The Death Pool – NA3HL Four Teams Vanish

Usually this time of year, there isn’t much to talk about. But 2020 will shape up to be a year like no other for Tier II and Tier III hockey. Teams are going down.

Teams will fold this year in numbers like we have never seen before. Not because of expansion, though there has been some. But because parents have been laid off, the money wont be there to pay this year.

Because cash raising camps have been canceled money for summer operations isn’t there either.

2020 will finally be the year of the great market correction. Many teams will fold up shop and its about time.

The NA3HL is the first to absorb some hits. The relocation of teams, folding and activations of other franchises have left the NA3HL with a net loss of four teams so far.

So far is the key part of that paragraph.

Every day that goes by with no cash coming, is a day closer for teams folding. The strong, well capitalized teams, with great reputations, and strong recruiting will survive. Those with a weak link in their chain will be gone soon.

This will make hockey at the pay to play level better. Finally players will be forced to win a job, or go back to AAA. No more trying to speed the development process up. Time to play where you belong.

Yes I know, all of you who said I was crazy with my predictions over the Coronavirus and the effect it would have on hockey must be feeling pretty stupid right now. This is just the beginning, and its not just going to effect Tier III teams.

Stick around. Its going to be a busy summer in the Death Pool.