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The Death Pool – NA3HL Has Two Fold

Monday. Some people wake up loving the start of the work week and some people just don’t want to get out of bed.

The NA3HL is probably one of those groups that’s better off staying in bed on Mondays. Today is one of those Mondays they might just be thinking its not going to be a good week.

The league who markets itself as “A Step Above The Rest” continues to show why they are not a step above the rest. The NA3HL is the land of gimmicks and imagination, where sunshine and rainbows are sold to every player who has a check book or credit card, and its catching up with them.

The Canton Cubs have vanished. Poof, they just disappeared without a trace. How does that happen? A team with returning players, and such great new ownership and coaches that they couldn’t even come close to filling a roster? Say it isn’t so. LOL

Just a clue. It doesn’t matter how much money an owner has in Tier III if the team cant recruit enough players. Being an owner only means there is someone willing to accept the financial risk of a failed franchise. Oh damn, looks like the new owner found that out in the first season of ownership.

Then we got the Wilkes Barre Scranton Knights. This is a beauty of a story and really shows how the NA3HL smoke and mirrors game is wearing out on parents and players who actually take the time to educate themselves on Tier III hockey.

See the WB Knights were members of the Eastern Hockey League for two years. Yeah the top league producing the most NCAA D-3 players in the country.

But the Knights, in their infinite wisdom, left the better league for the NA3HL’s gimmicks and dream selling. They joined the NA3HL with the thought that they could sucker parents and players in with the claim of “call ups” and “direct affiliation”!

They thought they could continue to sell the fake numbers of “tenders” and “draft picks” in the NAHL from the NA3HL.

They didn’t count on the fact that parents and players can actually do basic math and are now doing their homework. They didn’t count on an educated consumer who has already been sold that line of crap a hundred times. And now the Wilkes Barre Knights NA3HL gimmicks are over.

The NA3HL now has three more teams with dangerously low numbers on their rosters. With stories of NAHL teams forcing or trying to force NAHL rostered players down to play NA3HL games so that the NA3HL team wont fold it is getting pretty desperate for some people.

Stick around everyone. We got more of the Death Pool coming up real soon.

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