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The Death Pool – NAHL Assistant Coach Caught On Camera Being A Predator Of 16 Year Old

When you wake up in the morning to check emails and a video is sent to you, you never expect something like this to be the first thing you watch in your day.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. This is Brendan Phelps, Assistant Coach of the NAHL’s Minnesota Wilderness.

Caught in a “sting” type of operation from average citizens in Minnesota. In the video he lies about his own age, and what he does for a living when talking about the 16 year old boy he went to meet for sex.

Brendan Phelps is 31 years old. Brendan Phelps Team Staff Profile – Elite Prospects He is not 26, and if he works in a bar, that must be a part time job outside of coaching.

While it is probably unlikely that this video and the other information these men obtained in the process of creating the video can be used by Police, it clearly must be used by the NAHL and USA Hockey.

Stunned. The video does not lie.

Strangely though, some people you meet in life who have the biggest skeletons in their closet are also some of the people who often are highly critical of other people. Karma some might say has come calling.

This is the bio from the Wilderness website as of July 11, 2022 at 1:30 am.

Lets see how this is handled from the Wilderness and the NAHL. If nothing else, a full USA Hockey investigation must be made into every organization and team Phelps has been associated with in his career.

Glass houses and throwing stones. How does that saying go? The NAHL may want to do a deep dive into their own house instead of openly criticizing others.

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