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The Death Pool – NJHL’s Vulcan Rampage In Trouble Financially

The NJHL, and the hockey business genius have been rewriting the definitions of junior hockey acceptable behavior for the last few years. Well, thats if you call writing in crayon an effective way to rewrite anything. Definitely cant trust this group in the NJHL with pens, too sharp for them.

As for the definition of shit show though, there is a new picture under the definition, and it is the logo of the Vulcan Rampage.

The Rampage, you remember were an expansion team slated for the CAJHL this year. The Vulcan Rampage later jumped ship after a sales pitch by the hockey business genius for the confines of the NJHL.

Multiple reports have this jump by the Rampage being based upon the NJHL promising to provide paying players to the Rampage. Of course, the best way to manipulate people is with the promise of money in the futre.

Now, wouldnt you know it, the scam operation of a team called the Vulcan Rampage that chased the NJHL money, isn’t paying its bills.

TJHN has received and confirmed information that the Vulcan Rampage are not paying its bills. Tousands of dollars in unpaid bills are already stacking up and we are not even one month into the Vulcan Rampage season!

Yes. The team that has close to a full twenty man roster now, is collecting money and not paying its bills. Strange I know to have another team in the league lead by the hockey business genius not paying its bills in less than a month into the season. (sarcasm font)

Maybe the Rampage took the money and paid off all the bar tabs around town first? Or maybe they took all the money and bought food for the boys on the road? It could also be that the money was used to place a six team parlay with the key being the San Jose Sharks beating the Golden Knights the other day. Yep, not a good play.

This is the NJHL everyone. This is how they operate, and it is no rumor. The “league” for anyone using that term, is a complete scam.

With all the legitimate leagues in the world, with teams still needing players, that have real development plans and programs, people are paying these NJHL teams. If you see your neighbor eating poison, how long are you going to stay quiet? Unreal how many people can not pull their heads out of their back sides. But hey, its not like they havent been warned enough times.

Stick around, we got more great news from the NJHL coming.

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