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The Death Pool – Pay To Play Parents Fight Back With Lawsuits

Happy Monday morning everyone!  Its that time of year.  Just a few days away from the USA Hockey protected lists, and all the excuse making from Tier III and other pay to play owners.  Yes sir, it just makes a guy laugh like watching re-runs of Sponge Bob.

Now here we are, the edge of the critical mass month of September and boom!  We get the first bomb dropped on us about one set of parents actually following through on threats of a lawsuit!

That’s right everyone.  It was only a matter of time before it happened.  We have been predicting it would happen for years, and now it has.  Oh shit, yeah, ummmmmm the real problem with this lawsuit is not that’s its so long over due, but that it will finally set a LEGAL PRECEDENT for all other lawsuits to come.

Yep, a case for all attorney’s to cite when they file suit.  Nothing better for those legal beagles to have.  Nothing gets them as excited as a rock solid precedent to hang the case on.

Annnnnnndddd on the opposite end of the spectrum you got team owners collectively hanging “for sale” signs on pay to play teams.  Ha Ha Ha  Yep, nothing like being forced into accountability for all the broken promises, all the items you didn’t deliver on, and all the people you pissed off and on along the way.

Attorney James Doherty Jr., of North Andover, MA., filed a complaint on behalf of his client Maria Theresa Pratt of Cambridge, MA., and demand for a jury trial in Belknap County Superior Court on Aug. 12.

The suit alleges that American Hockey Institute LLC., who plays it games and practices at the Laconia Ice Arena, breached a written contact to provide academic and hockey-related athletic and ancillary services for the plaintiff’s minor son.

Ohhhhh yeah, ummmm well American Hockey Institute LLC. just happens to own and operate multiple Tier III, Midget and other hockey programs.  Yeah, you can look the shit show up for yourself, I aint gonna help these douche bags promote their other programs.

In late Feb. or early March 2015, the plaintiff alleges that her son was offered “placement” at AHI by Jon Fontas, who the suit identified as the manager and an agent of AHI.

Fontas promised Pratt an organized academic component to her son’s placement that included 20 hours a week in structured non-traditional classroom time, a content knowledgeable teacher, and a meeting with a college advisor and college placement assistant. The suit claims Pratt was also told that highly regarded hockey veteran Steve Jacobs would coach AHI’s EHL premier junior team which her son had been promised to play for.

Pratt paid $24,250 and her son left the program on Halloween 2015 after AHI allegedly failed to live up to its promises.  Yeah, you read that right, $24,250 bucks flushed down the toilet.

In support of her breach of contract claims, Pratt asserts that the Mykul Hann, not Steve Jacobs was named head coach and that the content knowledgeable teacher ended up being Coach Hann’s wife.

The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages including the plaintiff’s direct, indirect and consequential costs arising out of the alleged breach of contract; payment of compensatory and or enhanced compensatory damages as well as statutory damages under the NH Consumer Protection Act which allows for triple damages as well as attorney’s fees and legal costs.

So yeah, I spoke to a legal beagle myself.  That guy thinks these guys are pretty much screwed.  Yep, you just cant make promises and then not keep them.  Ohhhhhhh and if there are other people that are witnesses, then you better get ready to pay because those damages can multiply pretty quickly.

But I got to say, its about damn time.  Not that I don’t like pay to play, but there are some bad dudes out there selling a lot of dreams that when you unwrap them look like bullshit.

Hmmmmm wouldn’t you know that this Fontas guy was also in charge of some AAA teams that I am now hearing may be folding!  No way the two could be related could they?

So here’s to the Pratt family!  May you be the ones who finally set the tone.  The ones that others can finally hang their hopes on.  The ones that will allow for the consumer to finally have the ability to move beyond the fear of being “blackballed” and fight for what’s right.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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