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The Death Pool – Problems Already Causing Changes In SIJHL Telco Cup – Refunds Being Issued

The Telco Cup was supposed to be a four team exhibition showcase hosted by the Kam River Fighting Walley in the SIJHL. That’s what is was “supposed to be”.

Now due to “unforeseen circumstances” the Telco Cup has become a two game exhibition weekend between the Kam River Fighting Walleye and an all star team from the Lakehead Junior Hockey League.

Partial refunds are being made on tickets that were purchased.

The two games being played will now have a limit of 275 spectators per game allowed in the building due to COVID protocols.

The big red flag outside of the fan limitations is the reason for the changes in the event.

The Kam River Fighting Walleye publicly stated that “due to ice safety concerns” at the Norwest Arena that these changes had to be made.

So if there are ice safety concerns at the arena, how can you still have games at all? Ice safety concerns would certainly indicate that no one could play and it would be postponed completely.

If there are ice safety concerns for the Kam River hosts and the original participant Fort Frances Lakers and Wisconsin Lumberjacks, how can those same concerns not exist for the Lakehead all star team? Ice safety is ice safety after all isn’t it?

Once again, stories are not adding up in Canada. Second week in September and these are the first publicly announced game casualties. There will be more to come.

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