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The Death Pool – Referee Assaulted By Coach

Its crazy how society changes. How actions that are so far beyond normal become less shocking as the years go by.

Growing up, most of us learned some very simple rules in hockey. Respect the game, respect your opponent and respect the referee’s who are they to keep the game safe.

In an era when children become more and more self entitled, and coaches seem to have become more concerned with winning rather than leading young men, we have another report of unbelievable behavior from a coach.

Everyone gets emotional while playing or coaching. Its a game of controlled emotion and aggression. Its common for some extra pushing or shoving. Common for things to be said in the heat of a game that we wouldnt say to another person walking down the street.

But something is different about a person who would “spit” on another person. Not just in this game, but in life.

Something about a coach, who thinks he is justified to come and physically confront a referee while he is supposed to setting an example for these young players, that is simply beyond belief.

All coaches talk about with players is being responsible. Don’t take stupid penalties. Don’t things that hurt the team. Be respectful…..

Yet more and more often, this is the kind of behavior coaches exhibit. Uncontrolled, inexcusable, and repulsive.

In a time when referee’s are harder to find each year, this has to happen.

Thankfully, the organization involved acted swiftly and has fired this moron. That is an example of how you hold people accountable.

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