The Death Pool – Special Report – GOJHL Thorold Blackhawks Wont Finish Season


Welcome to the island of the strange and unusual.  Inhabited by one, the GOJHL.  Well its not really an island, its more like a state of mind or a state of being.

The Thorold Blackhawks in the GOJHL will not be finishing the season.  Ok, clear enough.  But yeah, it looks like some people cant get their stories straight.

You know, like on TV cop shows, before you go in for interrogation, you better be telling the same story as the other guys.  Yeah, looks like they don’t have those shows in Canada.

So the Thorold Blackhawks don’t have enough players to finish the season?  That’s the official reason.

Why then would one of the owners come out and tell the local press that they had two players sick and two suspended and that it should be fine moving forward?  Being down four players isn’t enough to get a team to pack up the tent for the season.

And why would the Ontario Hockey Association step in and call it a season for the team, and not the team itself or the GOJHL?

For a team that went through a lot in the off season concerning their logo redesign, this is some pretty strange stuff.  During that whole process they were very public about what was going on.

In this suspending of operations for the remainer of the year, there is a cloud of mystery.  The news just doesn’t pass the smell test.  Something else either happened or is going on behind the scenes.

So now all the players who battled all year to make it to the playoffs just pack their shit and go home?  All because two players were sick and two were suspended, according to one owner.  Just punt the rest of the kids seasons?  I am not buying it.

Oh and the GOJHL’s Buffalo Regals are now winning games.  Well, winning games by forfeit from Thorold that is.  But wait……It gets better…..wait for it……

The Buffalo Regals, the laughing stock of junior hockey, and I mean the most embarrassing team in junior hockey history, might actually make the GOJHL playoffs.  Yep, because of Thorold being declared done for the year, the freaking Buffalo Regal’s might be added to balance the GOJHL playoff schedule.

Sometimes, life imitates really bad color by numbers art work.  And the picture that’s being painted here is being done with a big old shovel and a heaping pile of hot cow dung!

I wonder if these guys were standing next to the GMHL guys for the last UFO sighting?  Maybe this would explain another team vanishing in the Province of Ontario?  Or maybe, everyone involved was sitting at the table with the Orangeville Ice Crushers ownership group smoking some fine ass weed and this was the best story that came out of the discussion?  Naaaaahhhhhhhh that would never happen. Ha Ha Ha

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.