The Death Pool – Special Report – Testing The Tier II Funding Battle With Real Business Examples


Pretty much everyone knows I am working on my MA right now.  Only two semesters away from jumping out of school and into hockey full time.  So, I thought I would talk to, or send an email to the whole business school department professors and ask them just a few basic questions.

I didn’t disclose why, I didn’t say what type of business, or if it had anything to do with anything.  Just some real easy questions that anyone with any real life practical business experience should be able to answer.

So here are the questions;

  1.  If you own a business that sells a product would you rather make a sale for $1000 in cash or make a sale for $1000 taking payments for a year?
  2. If you owned a business and were anticipating increased costs because you were going to increase the services you offered, would you inform your customers?
  3. If you raised your costs because of increased service offerings, would you expect to lose customers?

These are some pretty freakin basic questions here.  Three simple questions any monkey who runs a hot dog stand can answer.

Yeah so, in case anyone wants to know too, each of these professors actually has real life business experience too.  A few have actually been published, as in they are considered to be experts in their fields.  You know, unlike most people who say they are hockey business experts who have never risked a dime, but I digress…..

Anyway these are the answers….

  1.  5 out of 6 professors said they would take payments over time rather than one lump sum.  They preferred this method because it kept customers coming back into the business to make payments and allowed for them to develop batter business relationships over longer periods of time.  It created brand loyalty.  The only professor that said he wouldn’t take payments over time said he wouldn’t because he didn’t know if he was selling a perishable product or not.
  2. All 6 professors said they would inform their customers of increased costs before increasing them.  They would explain what features and improved benefits would come with those cost increases and why they were necessary.
  3. All 6 professors unanimously agreed that with increasing costs that every business could expect to lose 1% to 3% of their customers simply because they could not afford the increase.  They also noted though that if you didn’t increase your pricing, your offerings and value that you are likely to lose 5% to 9% annually because of did-satisfied customers.

Finally, every professor made one comment or another to the effect that cost increases are inevitable, and it they are justified, that the increased cost will actually increase the customer base because the company offers more or a better product.

So for all the donkeys ho didn’t want the USPHL to have free to play hockey next year, its time you go back to business school, or its time you told the damn truth.

This wasn’t about hockey.  This was about control.

Got news for ya there boys, if the USPHL leaves USA Hockey, you guys may have just signed your own death warrant.

Don’t think so?

No more expansion bullshit to go through the junior council.  No more territory restrictions.  No more import restrictions.  No more IIHF fee’s.  Pretty much no more bullshit red tape.

So, after I did my little study, I went down to the local Taco Bell/KFC joint.  Both are in one building here.

I got both managers out to a table and said I would like to eat.  Both said great.  But I also said, I could either pay the $7 I was gonna pay, or I could work for it for three hours and pay it off over time.

Both had help wanted signs in the window, so I figured why not test the pay over time theory.  Both of these managers said they would have me work it off and if I did a good job I could eat for free and work and get paid every day!

If some fast food managers can figure out that people are more important than dollars, why cant the Junior Council?

Now chew on that shit for a while….

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.