The Death Pool – The Only Thing You Have To Fear Is Competition

As the publisher I would like to apologize for a delay in The Death Pool today.  We had a big announcement and didn’t want to distract people from that news.

More free to play opportunity.  Its a great thing.  Ask any parent, including myself, who has had to pay for hockey.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think more free to play junior hockey is a bad idea.  Well, I should say, I didn’t know anyone until today.

All day TJHN has been getting emails, messages on Twitter and Facebook, text messages and phone calls about this news.  With more than 100 contacts on the subject in less than twelve hours, only three have voiced concern, and only one has been absolutely and inexplicably irrational.

Concern is a natural thing.  But, being irrational over not knowing the announcement was coming, then condemning it, and attempting to label it anything other than opportunity is a sign of that persons insecurity

Competition is a good thing.  When you fear competition it is because you know you aren’t as good as you wish you could be.

Funny, the NAHL and USHL have not said one word publicly or privately about this new free to play league.  Maybe they aren’t concerned, and maybe they are too busy actually running successful operations to care.

The only person irrationally complaining is someone not associated with TJHN, or the new league, it is someone who operates another site.

The phone call from that person was filled with nothing but criticism.  Primarily from the standpoint that he felt he should have been the one to break the story and that he should be involved.

Not once did that person say how great it was going to be for players and parents to have more opportunity.  Not once was there any mention of how more consumer choice is always good for the consumer.  Not once was there any level of congratulations or good luck to the owners who are undertaking this risk.

Instead, calls went out complaining to other people who may or may not be involved in the new free to play league.  More bitching and complaining, as if anyone needs his permission to do anything in junior hockey.  That kind of thinking and attitude usually comes with a medical diagnosis.

Its for some of those exact reasons, that particular person wasn’t asked to be involved.  Because the world does not revolve around him.

Choice.  Its a powerful word, and an even more powerful position to find yourself in.  To that negative person who was not involved in the announcement, the people involved in the new league just exercised their choice.  Now you know what other free to play teams may be feeling next year.  The pain and understanding of losing a top prospect because someone did a better job than you.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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