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The Death Pool – Time To Kill The Parasite IIHF

The IIHF, International Ice Hockey Federation is a parasite on hockey around the world and a completely un-necessary and useless hockey organization in the modern age.

With the cancellation of IIHF events for January 2021, and the cancellation of Women’s U-18 Championships for the second year in a row proves that this body is existing only to siphon money from men’s hockey.

The IIHF is a disaster, and does absolutely nothing for the development of hockey. It exists solely for the creation of income for the people in its offices.

What’s funny is that most hockey families and fans know nothing about the IIHF and how it works. Yet so many will be watching the Men’s U-20 IIHF world championships this holiday season, unknowingly supporting a group of people who really do not support but only leech off of hockey.

Recently the IIHF cancelled all events for January 2022, including the Women’s U-18 championships for the second year in a row. Citing the COVID pandemic as the reason for cancellation. This is nothing but pure bullshit on their part and the hockey world knows it.

Cancelling all January 2022 event because of COVID yet you allow for the December 2021 U-20 Men’s world championships to take place with 50% attendance?

Why? When clearly in January all medical professionals are saying that this current wave of COVID will be tailing off does the IIHF cancel events? Yet in the middle of the peak of COVID they allow for the men’s event to take place?

Because it is about money.

The IIHF makes big money off of the mens events, and they make no money of loose money on the January events. It is that simple. Greed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The IIHF leeches money off of every hockey federation that is a member around the world.

Every player that transfers from one country or another the IIHF makes money off of. Thats right. 300 Swiss Francs off of every player in every transfer.

The IIHF is a big business, and they hold a monopoly on the transfer market.

What purpose does the IIHF serve anyway. The world rankings are a joke. No one pays attention to the world rankings because the top countries don’t send their top players to all of the IIHF competitions.

Does anyone believe for one second that Sweden is behind Germany and the Czech Republic in hockey development? Does anyone believe that Latvia and Slovakia are behind Switzerland?

The IIHF is of no use. Since when has any player ever agreed that a third party, the IIHF, is allowed to profit off of their name, image or likeness? Never. Yet the IIHF does it every day. Legally speaking the IIHF is stealing revenue that should go to the players that are generating it.

Before you say that the countries are members and they have assigned those rights to the IIHF, you better talk to a lawyer. No federation has the right or authority to assign any players rights for any reason to any third party without disclosing that to the player before assignment. And that has never an will never take place.

Players are supposed to be “grateful” for the opportunity to play. And if any player ever spoke up they would be in deep shit.

We are talking about millions and millions of dollars that the parasite IIHF siphons off of countries and teams, and they do nothing to earn it.

Someone really needs to explain how events in December with COVID are safer than events in January? Or someone needs to tell us how much more profitable the mens tournament is over the womens.

See, the hosts of the January events were not even given the opportunity to reschedule. Thats right, just cancelled and lets regroup next year.

The bottom line is that the IIHF is not needed. They are a waste of time and a tremendous waste of money. Money that could be spent on player development instead of lining the pockets of people who are nothing more than pencil pushing secretaries and most have next to zero real hockey experience.

Imagine how many hockey players that could be developed with all that money going to players and not old men and women who simply need a job.

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