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The Death Pool – USHL To Port Huron Michigan? Special Dumbass Report


Yeah, you know what they say about a fool and his money?  They are soon parted.

That’s right kids, the rumor has been out for about a month, but some brain surgeon is looking to bring a United States Hockey League franchise to Port Huron Michigan.  Okay, I can not even believe I just wrote that sentence, and those of you who are laughing your asses off need to get a grip because this is not a joke although it should be.

So, the City of Port Huron has a winning North American Hockey League team in the Port Huron Fighting Falcons.  The have an owner that has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into the team and the community, and a head coach that used to play for Port Huron when they had a minor pro team.  Sounds pretty good for the arena and the city doesn’t it?

With the team in lease negotiations, the city and the arena go out and start talking to some guy with a bag full of money who “might” bring a USHL team to the area?

Yep, that’s business 101 kids.  Tell your current tenant that you might just screw them over for a new tenant even though you have been a great tenant for years!  Way to go McMorran Arena Management, you just hosed the team that came in and saved your ass for the last four years!

Even when the unnamed investor has told you they are looking at “several markets” you let this news out?  Brilliant!  Want to know what is wrong with the State of Michigan’s economy?  Want to know why Port Huron is mired in that economic mud that is Michigan?  Take a look at how they treat businesses that are making an impact in their community like the Fighting Falcons!

Dan Casey, CEO of the Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County, has said his agency has been asked through a third party to conduct a survey for an unnamed investor to see if bringing the USHL to the county is feasible. The investor is said to be eying the 2014-15 season to put the team on the ice.

Hey Dan, how about you Economically Develop the team you have that has spent all the money already?  Nahhhhhhhh That would make too much sense right?

Forget the fact that Port Huron residents don’t even support the NAHL team that’s there, lets get some other idiot to put a USHL team in here so they can toss a bunch of money out the window too.

Ohhhhhh snap I almost forgot…….If any of these boneheads knew the rules, USA Hockey wont be approving any new franchises until December, so your season may be starting a little bit late.  Unless of course someone wants to move a current USHL team.  Yep, 600 people a night is going to be just great at the gate.

Dan Casey CEO.  Nice title there Danny, you may just end up being the Economic DECONSTRUCTIONIST by the end of the day.  I wonder how smart all of these “officials” are going to look if the Fighting Falcons tell them to pound sand and the USHL doesn’t happen?

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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