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The Death Pool – Utah Altitude Killed In Avalanche

No one said it was going to be easy. The WSHL was the first league in the world to announce taking the 2020-2021 season off. That took some big balls to do, and it took some even bigger balls to attempt a comeback.

Like many comeback stories though not everything can go as planned, and while the Utah Altitude had a nice logo, but not much else.

Not having players only comes from two things. A failure to recruit, and lack of a recruiting plan. If you can’t recruit, you can’t make it in any pay to play league.

After winning their first game of the season, the Altitude immediately ceased operations the next day. Maybe the Altitude ownership should have not even played a game? Just a thought since they didn’t even have ten skaters.

Immediately the Utah Altitude website went off line. Poof, like a silent bad fart all that’s left is the stink.

The Altitude players though, because a game was actually played, all contracts became binding and they were all traded by the crafty business people operating the team. Yep, no refunds are legally required once a game is player and the players rights are vested with the team. The team can then trade the player to another team willing to take the player without compensating the Altitude further.

Don’t complain people. All this is completely legal and has been done in leagues for the last ten years throughout North America and Europe.

What the Altitude players were thinking as they prepared to take the ice with less than ten skaters is something I would personally love to know. Because there is no way in hell I would have gone on to play or would have allowed a client to play.

The WSHL is not to blame here, owners and coaches are to blame. Owners and coaches control the roster and have the means to postpone or cancel games well in advance.

Any owner who does this and then makes the team website vanish is someone everyone needs to remember in the future.

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