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The Death Pool – WPHA Death Watch

July is ending. We all know that when July ends, August brings the Death Watch. Lets just put the whole WPHA on the Death Watch list shall we?

When leagues make announcements that they are in “talks” with cities for expansion it is a desperate plea for attention and really a notice to the public that they are hanging on by a thread. Real leagues only make announcements when a deal is about to be done or after its done.

The WPHA is trying to make it look like they are out working on expansion while at the same time trying to make threats to the Town of Barrhead Alberta. Barrhead elected to sign an agreement with the WSHL and not the WPHA.

Now the WPHA is saying they are going to request a judicial review. Yes. Ask for a judicial review for something with no signed agreement.

This requested review is going to take place in the Town of Barrhead? Yes. Of course. No signed agreement. Review to take place in the Town where you are trying to force yourself in over another groups signed agreement? Clearly this has a high likelihood of success (sarcasm font).

Instead of actually working on the two or three locations the WPHA has, they want to pick a fight with a city that clearly doesn’t want them. Strong business decision made by great leadership.

The Town of Barrhead top brass are obviously not too worried about the WPHA threats. Considering at one council meeting they put the breaks on doing a deal with the WPHA in a public way as reported in the local press.

The WPHA, officially on the Death Watch. Maybe they have 3, maybe 4 teams, who knows. This should be fun.

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