The Junior Hockey News – Seven Years Later

It was seven years ago I purchased a struggling publication called The Junior Hockey News.  A company based out of a now ironic location in Las Vegas.  Who knew then, what Las Vegas or TJHN would become in the world of hockey.

Back then, it was a publication with next to zero readers, no social media, and a website that was running on a server in an office off of Las Vegas Blvd.

Things have certainly changed, and those changes will continue moving forward.

Today, TJHN leads the junior hockey industry in traffic for its advertisers and daily readers on the internet.  Moving into the future, TJHN will bring streaming video, and a host of other features for readers and teams to take advantage of.

Recently we completed an upgrade to the most modern web server technology available.  Modern meaning secure, and robust enough to handle the number of daily visits and resources required to service those visitors.

Over the following days and weeks, TJHN will launch a newly designed site, new features, new benefits, and more options for readers and advertisers.  Some older less popular items will be archived but will remain available to readers who wish to revisit them.

New policy is also being developed to further define what is actually news worthy and what is not.  These policy changes are being developed after extensive study of traffic patterns and demographic research within those traffic patterns.

We thank you for your patience as we work to deliver these items to you as during that work there will be intermittent down times.  These down times will be scheduled to take place in the very early morning hours so that they do not effect the majority of readers.

I thank you for the continued support, and growth that you readers and advertisers have helped TJHN achieve.  Never could I have imagined that this little website would become what it has with an average of Ten Thousand of you visiting daily.

Thank you, and we look forward to TJHN becoming all you want it to be in the future.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher