The Death Pool – WPHA Leaves Unpaid Bills On The Way To Joining GMHL

The pay to play business model in Canada is a special thing. Its special because its really become a license to steal and no one in Canada is doing anything about it.

The WPHA (Western Provinces Hockey Association) announced that they have joined the GMHL. Yes, the good old GMHL shit show known for its taking the money and running operations.

What the WPHA and GMHL didn’t announce is that the WPHA has its AAU – UHU membership terminated for unpaid bills. Yes, unpaid bills totaling somewhere in the vicinity of a half million dollars.

See the WPHA used to be sanctioned by the AAU-UHU. They were allowed to participate un WSHL events because of it. Press releases were sent out that made it appear that the WPHA was actually part of the WSHL and the WSHL brand and name were used to secure leases and other things of value just to leave people high and dry.

Now the GMHL is bragging that they have accepted the WPHA as a Western Canada division. Perfect.

These two thieving shit shows deserve each other. The GMHL and its recycled owners and cities. The WPHA and its made up franchises and cities. A match made in heaven.

Already the WPHA is threatening legal action toward people, yet someone needs to remember about some money missing from their attorneys escrow account. Yes. They even have an attorney who screwed up involved with this shit show.

They are still claiming a franchise location in Canada that no longer exists because they didn’t pay thousands of dollars in ice bills, and now a new franchise in the WSHL actually resides in the facility.

Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like GMHL trickery? Indeed, these two groups are pretty similar.

Unfulfilled promises, and preying on the people who simply don’t know any better. Preying on players and parents desperate for something and delusional as to their talent level.

Buyer beware. The WPHA and GMHL are not really what they say they are. But you have been warned before. Maybe its time to start warning your friends and colleagues?