The Death Pool – WPHA’s Wheels Falling Off In Enoch

The WPHA. Yeah, we warned everyone about this shit show. Classic case of a group of donkeys trying to operate a “league” on a budget built for a weekend bbq!

The Head Coach and General Manager just resigned and gave a pretty nice public statement on why he resigned;

No owner? Reminds me of something….

“Who own da Chiefs?”…..”Owns”….”Owns”

Darren Reid is a class act. Former pro still acting like a pro. Wanting to coach but walking away when he figured out you cant operate like the WPHA wants to operate.

Thirteen thousand five hundred dollars to pay to play in this shit show league? Are you kidding me?

Any parent paying this money needs to get their heads examined. For the WPHA to jump from an established league to the GMHL gong show is the first major red flag.

The WPHA marketing slogan for 2019-2020? “Welcome to the WPHA, that ten cent hot dog you are eating is really a piece of filet mignon.”

But hey, all those desperate parents and players out there who think playing in this “league” will make them “Junior A” hockey players can eat all the hot dogs they want.

You have all been warned. Are you going to warn your friends?