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The End Of 2020 – The COVID Year In Review

Thank God it’s ending. I am pretty sure a lot of you join me in that line of thinking today. What a year.

One day in March I was out scouting a game, and the next day I was locked down with threats of tickets and fines if I was caught on “non essential” business outside of my home.

Only in the movies did I think all these things were possible until last March. But no more.

All the games and playoffs missed. All the summer camps and scouting opportunities missed. All the seasons canceled, delayed, stopped, restarted, and stopped again.

Its been frustrating for everyone.

Beyond the hockey, many of us have lost friends, family members and associates.

With vaccines being delivered around the world, there is hope. Hope that this pandemic will soon come to an end for most of us. COVID though, is never going away, and we will now have to live with it and the changes it has brought to our lives.

For now, lets be thankful. Thankful that most of us are finding ways to deal with todays issues, and many are still finding creative ways to enjoy our game.

I wish all of you a healthy, and happy New Year. Come back Monday for what many of the experts in our game are predicting 2021-2022 will be like for players, teams, leagues and fans.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

[email protected]

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