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The Gold Standard – Player Adviser Services

Since 1997 Hockey Talent Management has been playing a part in helping players achieve their goals.

From AAA placement to Junior, NCAA and Professional levels, after twenty seven years, our clients continue to find their own path to their dreams.

Exceeding your expectations is our business.

Hockey Talent Management is a hockey player and family adviser company specializing in on ice talent development and professional growth. Through the implementation of innovative, cost effective marketing techniques and practices HTM can put you in a position that will bring you success and help you get closure to securing your dream.

Global Contacts for a Global Business

Hockey Talent works with Players and Coaches on a year round basis developing their skills and leads for the upcoming season. Because this industry has little “down time” our skilled personnel work with our clients before and after the contract is signed. We have worked with almost every team, in every league in the world.

From U-14 to U-18, Junior to College, and throughout the professional ranks, our team can walk you through the initial contract or tender offer, to advising families on which school may offer the best scholarship for a player. Through graduation and signing your first professional contract, Hockey Talent will advise and consult with you in an unbiased manner, providing both positives and negatives on each individual opportunity.

Lets face it, Hockey is a business, and in this business you need every advantage you can find in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. By reviewing each clients goals and achievements, our team has the ability to formulate and implement a plan allowing our clients to become successful.

Unfortunately its not just how good you are, how talented you may be, or how “connected” you may be. Because the bottom line in this industry is dollars and cents, you need a plan in order to realize your goals. Hockey Talent Management will help you develop, implement and realize the success you desire through proper planning, networking and the marketing of your unique skill set.

Dedicated Service

Hockey Talent Management players are some of the most gifted and exciting players in the world today. Maintaining a confidential client list is not only important to our clients, but we believe that client confidentiality in all matters is essential in order to be most effective in assisting them.

You will not find Hockey Talent Management advertising our clients names in order to recruit more clients. We will provide references upon request to those potential clients who have not come to HTM by referral after they have met our initial screening criteria.

You will see us at our clients games, at the NHL Entry Draft, NHL and Junior Combines, as well as working with teams and leagues to develop the best atmosphere for our clients success.

To put it simply, at HTM you will find the most talented, dedicated, professional service providers in the industry today.

Contact us via email info@hockeytalentmanagement.com or look at our newly designed website http://hockeytalentmanagement.com

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