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The NCDC And Its Wealth Of NCAA Goaltending Prospects

The NCDC has come a long way in just a few years. Every year, more and more talented players are making it their league of choice. Every year, more and more NCAA scouts can be found not only at showcase events, and games, but they can be found watching NCDC practices.

This year, the NCDC is loaded with what could prove to be the best goaltending depth in Tier II hockey in North America.

Eight of the top ten goaltenders in the league are 19 years old or younger. The top six goaltenders in the league are all 19 years old or younger.

The top two goaltenders both have two shutouts each in their first four games played.

While it is early in the year, and four or five games does not make a career, this small sample size bodes well for these young goaltenders as the season moves along and as scouting continues.

The NCDC has done an incredible job of expanding their reach beyond what began primarily as a destination for players who were coming out of Northeastern Prep Schools. It has developed into a destination for players across North America and around the world.

J.J. Cataldo with the New Jersey Hitmen and Jake Fillion with the New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs are two names to watch as the college commitment cycle roll’s around. Both of these goaltenders exhibit great positional play, read and track the puck well, along with being highly motivated as individuals.

Zackary Ferris with the Rockets Hockey Club is a name to remember as well. The 2005 birth year goaltender is making a name for himself early this season and will likely get looks from the USHL as well as NCAA teams if he continues this trajectory.

These are only a few of the NCAA prospects you can expect to see this year in the NCDC. TJHN will cover forwards and defense as we move along periodically.

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