The New TJHN

Welcome to the new version of The Junior Hockey News.

While it took a little longer than we anticipated, TJHN is back and better than ever before.  With new features, sponsor benefits, and technology available to teams and leagues; we are looking to make the 2017-2018 season better than ever.

I am sure you notice there is a new site design.  While we will continue to tweak things over the next few days, the new design will allow us to deliver more and better content to you regardless of what platform you may be using to view it on.

One feature we are happy to bring you is that when you mouse over one of the category links in the navigation menu, you will automatically be shown the five most recent publications under that category.  This will deliver the news you want in the most timely way possible.

We have also updated our logo to better represent our readers.  We have added new capabilities that will enhance the readers experience as well as the capabilities of our sponsors to deliver their message.

As we enter the season, look for new content delivery platforms, new media, and new features.

Thank you for your patience these last few days as we have worked on upgrading our technology and our message delivery.  We look forward to continuing to provide the best user experience in the industry.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher