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The Qualities Of Successful Hockey Players

Every successful hockey player has similar personality traits.  They come across different at times, but they always have these same or similar traits. 

I ask all players and parents who read this, how many do you as a player have?  How many of these traits do you the parent see in your player?  The more you see, the more likely you will be a successful player, and that success will only be limited by your natural ability.

Successful players listen 10 times more than they speak. Bragging is the mask of the insecure player. Truly confident players are quiet and unassuming.

Successful Players ask open ended questions: They ask what others do, how they do it, what they learned from it, and what they should do if they find themselves in similar situation.

Truly successful players realize they are talented, but they wish they know more, and they know the only way to learn more is to listen more.

Successful players redirect the spotlight so it shines on others. Maybe its true the player did the bulk of the work. Maybe they really did overcome the challenges. Maybe its true they were the glue that brings the team together to have new success.

Successful players do not care.  They do not show or say so publicly. Inside they’re proud, but they keep that inside.  Successful players do not need the glory.

Successful players do not need the praise of others, because true validation comes from within.

Successful players stand back and celebrate their accomplishments with the team. They stand back and let others share the spotlight, they bring the confidence boost that helps his team mate become more successful too.

Successful players ask for help. Some players feel asking for help is a sign of weakness, a sign of lack of knowledge, skill, or experience.

Successful players are secure enough to admit a weakness. They ask others for help.  The only way to learn, to improve, is to ask help of others who may know more or see things differently.

Successful players do not put down other players. Players who like to gossip, who like to make fun of or speak bad of other players, do so because they hope by comparison to make themselves look better.

The only comparison a truly successful player makes is to the player he was yesterday, and to the player he hopes to be someday.

Successful players are not afraid to make mistake.  When other players, coaches, scouts, see successful players try something new, step out of the comfort zone and make the mistake, it is a sign they are still willing to learn.  It is a sign of creativity, experimentation.

Successful players own their mistakes. Insecurity tends to breed false confidence, owning the mistakes breeds sincerity, honesty and confidence.

Really successful player admits the mistakes. They study their own screwups. Successful players don’t mind serving as an example to other players. Successful players do not mind being the source of laughter at film time for his team mates and himself.

Truly successful players do not mind occasionally “looking bad.” Successful players know that that when you are real and honest, people don’t laugh at you, they laugh with you.

Successful players are confident not cocky.  We all know the cocky player, he is easy to spot.  He thinks he is special when he is really just an average player “living the dream”.  Confidence is earned through accomplishment, cocky comes with bad attitude.

Successful players only seek approval from people who really matter. You have 1,000 Twitter followers? Who cares!  2,000 Facebook friends? Who cares! I am happy you can impress yourself and other people with a nonsensical number of people you don’t even know.

Nothing is more important than earning the trust and respect of the people in your life that truly matter.  Your family.  Your Coach.  Your team mate.  Your real life friend.  Your teachers.

When you earn the trust and respect of those people, no matter where you go or what you try, you are a successful player.  Even when you fail on the ice, you are successful player, and a successful person, because you know the people who truly matter the most are behind you whether you become the great NHL success or a success to them alone.

How many of these traits do you or the players around you have?

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