TJHN Joins Forces With March Mullet – Raising Awareness For Mental Health Issues

About a week ago I received an email from Dan Michalsky, a former junior hockey player asking me if TJHN would be interested in supporting their cause.  After exchanging emails and talking with Dan it really became a no brainer that we would get involved in some way.

Michalsky is a veteran OJHL and OHL player.  Having been around the block in junior hockey circles he has seen a lot of the good and the bad.  The 2007 Royal Bank Cup Most Valuable Player is now trying to become one of the most valuable players when raising awareness about mental health issues.

Michalsky started the March Mullet movement last year for several reasons based upon personal experience and a belief that the stigma of treatment needs to be removed.

“I have personally been exposed too and witnessed a number of loved ones quality of life be compromised by Alzheimers, depression, alcoholism and substance abuse.  Having those experiences gave me the passion to raise awareness on mental health issues.”  Said Michalsky

“Another reason being since I’ve been involved in hockey for such a long time I hear all the talk about concussions in sport as well as the mental state of some of hockey’s most popular enforcers.”

Players are getting involved in the movement.

Barrie Defenseman Colts Mike Webster said the following;

“Mental health is a huge factor in the hockey community and in sport generally. It affects me on a personal level. I know friends and former
teammates who are affected by mental health issues so it means a lot to me.”

TJHN encourages all players to get involved with this cause.  Visit their website and sign up to support March Mullet.

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