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Get the Edge on the Ice with TopTrainer!

Being Bigger, Stronger and Faster, that’s what you want to be. You’re putting in the hard work, you’re eating clean but you the results you want aren’t coming fast enough. Quality and safe supplementation can enhance your performance, and give you the Edge you are looking for!

TopTrainer supplements were developed by an experienced team of nutritionists and athletic trainers to help individuals achieve their goals much faster. For athletes, TopTrainer’s category PERFORM helps you make the most of your hard-work in the hockey rink.

All TopTrainer products are Cutting Edge and contain:

1. Super Clean, Premium Ingredients
2. Optimal Doses for Athletes
3. Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you’re new to supplementation, try the Core-3 Training Stack.

ElitePro: Grass-fed whey protein for muscle gain

BCAA’s Plus: Post-Wokout Recovery

Attack: Pre-Workout to enhance Intensity

This stack is good for athlete’s of all ages and includes the foundation of sports nutrition.
If you’re over 18 and want an aggressive combination, you want The Ultimate Performance Package. This package includes the Core-3 plus Cr-Power and N.O. Pump. This added combo is a 3in-1 Creatine Complex for increased explosiveness, and Nitric Oxide featuring Beet Nitrate for endurance.

Hockey is an extremely competitive sport and there is a lot of pieces to the puzzle to make you the best you can be. If you are looking for an edge, TopTrainer supplementation is a great solution.

TopTrainer is a premium supplement company offering Sport Nutrition, Weight Management and Healthy Lifestyle solutions. All products are cGMP certified and manufactured with the highest standards of quality.

TopTrainer is the official Supplement Sponsor of The Junior Hockey News.  Use “HOCKEY” to receive 10% off your order.

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