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Updating Your Profile For Scouting In 2020

As December begins it brings us closer to the end of 2019, and closer yet to the beginning of the busiest scouting time of the year in 2020.

While you may now be focused on the holiday break, you can not forget to take a little time to focus on updating your Central Scouting Services Player Profile.

As the holidays approach, Scouts at every level are planning their schedules for the end of winter and early spring in 2020. This is a critical time for them, and for you.

The most importnt thing you can do for yourself in just a little bit of time, is update your profile.

Make sure your most recent GPA, stats, upcoming events, and any in season awards you may have won are in your profile. Do something to ensure you get scouts attention, and get on their scouting schedule.

The players that exhibit an awareness to information gathering show scouts a higher intelligence, and a more serious attitude toward their playing and development futures.

Details matter.

There are a lot of players scouts are trying to look at and keep track of. What makes you a better player to recruit than all the other players that are similar to you?

The player who is most organized, and offers scouts the most complete prospect picture, are the ones who will get the attention and get noticed.

If your good enough they will find you? No. I dont think so.

If you are prepared, then and only then will opportunity seek you out and allow you to be found.

Get your Free For Life Player Profile updated https://centralscoutingservices.com

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