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The Death Pool – WSHL Kills Off Two

Thanksgiving and the start of all the holiday festivities is often a time to reflect on things.

Turns out the WSHL, did just that when looking at the Steamboat Wranglers and the West Sound Admirals.

The WSHL in consultation with both teams, recommended that each team cease operations in the interests of player safety.

Due to low roster numbers, combined with some delinquent payment of tuition issues, and injuries, both teams agreed with the WSHL’s recommendation and ceased operations heading into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“We took the steps to recommend each team simply cease operations and regroup for next season if possible.” Said WSHL Commissioner Ron White “It was the right thing to do simply from a player safety standpoint, and that is the most important thing for us as a league.”

With the WSHL Showcase coming up in Las Vegas next month, the league made the move and is now reconfiguring schedules and logistics.

Maybe the WSHL’s actions could be a lesson for some other organizations? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Its now December, and a lot of teams going on winter break soon for the holidays…..I wonder how many players will jump ship from some of these other teams in other leagues that have similar low roster numbers and payment problems?

Stick around, we got rumors of two other teams heading down the drain in other leagues.

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