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USA Hockey Annual Meeting Begins Tomorrow

The USA Hockey Annual Congress begins tomorrow in Colorado Springs.  Important junior hockey items to be discussed include;

  1. The finalization of an official “Ladder of Development” Agreement between the USHL and the NAHL.  Such an agreement is said to include specific instruction and criteria concerning movement of players between the two leagues.

Also rumored to be in the agreement under discussion are provisions addressing compensation.

Such an agreement between the two leagues would be unprecedented in North American Junior                 Hockey history.

2.  A strategy is being developed to “calm the marketplace” for the betterment of the player and the                  junior hockey franchise operator.

3.  Changes within the USA Hockey junior hockey operating system are also scheduled to be discussed             as they relate to the USPHL leaving USA Hockey and the formation of the NCDC Division within                 the USPHL.

4.  Resuming the Tier III National Championships is also slated to be discussed.

5.  The USHL will allow for one 20 year old goaltender to not count against the limit of four 20 year                old players per team beginning in 2017.

TJHN will update this story as more information becomes available.

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