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What To Do When A Camp Is Canceled Or Postponed?

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a lot of upheaval and uncertainty in the hockey camp business. Showcases, team camps, and league camps were canceled and delayed around North America.

Many people have asked what to do when this takes place. There are some simple common sense things to remember when dealing with this situation.

First, remember that the camp operator or team/league is also dealing with the pandemic. They are not only dealing with the details of the event for you, but in many cases are dealing with the details for a few hundred people. It’s not ok to simply just get angry with them for something they have no control over.

If the event is completely canceled it is fine to ask for a refund. If that is in their policy. If not, a credit for another event is also ok.

If the event is delayed and it conflicts with another event then simply discuss this with the camp operator. Maybe there is a refund, maybe a credit to another event. Its important though not to make the camp operator feel as though their event is less significant than the other event. Belittling someone isn’t going to help your case.

If you choose not to attend an event, then you are making that choice. You can not blame the operator for your choice not to attend. You can request a refund or credit, but in the end, you are making the choice not to attend.

Remember that the teams/leagues and organizations have spent a lot of time and money preparing these events. Advertising, networking, ice deposits, Jersey purchases, and a number of other things have already been prepared an purchased in order to have the event take place.

In most cases the operator can not get their money back, they can only get a credit for the future. Everyone is in the same position and dealing with the same set of inconvenient circumstances.

COVID-19 has disrupted many events this summer. While it is frustrating for everyone, we all need to remember that these are uncertain times, and everyone is simply trying to get through them as best they can.

As arenas open up and camps are taking place, lets be happy we can get back on the ice in these uncertain times.

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