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2024 NHL Development Camps Feature More Than 50 Players with USPHL Ties

BOSTON, MA – July 9, 2024 – The United States Premier Hockey League has had another fantastic summer, both in terms of success at the NHL Entry Draft and the traditional NHL Development Camps that are held in late June and early July each season. This year, with 55 alumni of the USPHL itself and alumni of its member organizations skating at NHL Development Camps, the league surpassed its total of 47 league and organizational alumni last year. 

The United States Premier Hockey League’s profile among NHL and professional scouts continues to grow. There have been no less than 20 USPHL alumni that have made the NHL since the USPHL’s 2013-14 inaugural season, plus more than 58 NHL Draft selections of league and organizational alumni. This year, alone, there were eight players with USPHL ties selected in the 2024 NHL Entry Draft. The league’s top junior level, the National Collegiate Development Conference, has seen 18 NHL Draft selections since its 2017-18 inaugural season.

Points Of Interest About USPHL Alumni In 2024 NHL Development Camps

  • Four teams featured four players with USPHL ties at each of their camps – the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Florida Panthers (currently in progress), the Nashville Predators, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the San Jose Sharks. 
  • A total of 25 NHL teams featured USPHL and its organizations’ alumni on their 2024 Development Camp rosters. 
  • Twenty-two of the 55 players named to Development Camp rosters were NHL Draft selections, including six of the eight players with USPHL ties selected this year. 
  • Twenty-one players listed at the 2024 NHL Development Camps were also selected for 2023 NHL Development Camps. 
  • Collin Graf hit the ice for the San Jose Sharks at Development Camp, following a seven-game string of NHL games with the Sharks to close the 2023-24 season. The former National Champion, All-American and ECAC Hockey Player Of The Year signed as a free agent with San Jose and made his NHL debut on April 6 and registered two assists in his first seven games in the world’s best hockey league. Watch for a special NCDC feature on Collin Graf on Wednesday, July 10!

USPHL At 2024 NHL Development Camps

Players With USPHL Ties At 2024 NHL Development Camps

NHL Team Player Name USPHL Organization Level(s) Draft Pick
Boston Bruins Gleb Veremyev Rockets Hockey Club 16U
Buffalo Sabres Sean Keohane South Shore Kings* 2023/6/173
Buffalo Sabres Simon-Pier Brunet LV T-Birds Premier 2024/4/123
Calgary Flames Connor Murphy Jersey Hitmen/Springfield Pics NCDC/Premier
Colorado Avalanche Chris Romaine South Shore Kings* 2022/6/193
Colorado Avalanche Mick Frechette Northern Cyclones*
Colorado Avalanche Reilly Connors Connecticut Jr. Rangers NCDC, 16U

Columbus Blue Jackets James Fisher Boston Junior Bruins 16U 2022/7/203
Detroit Red Wings Cy LeClerc Islanders Hockey Club/Seacoast Spartans* NCDC
Detroit Red Wings Kristoffer Eberly Northern Cyclones/MJDP NCDC, Premier
Edmonton Oilers Shane LaChance Boston Junior Bruins/Islanders HC* NCDC 2021/6/186
Florida Panthers Ben Steeves New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs 16U
Florida Panthers C.J. Foley South Shore Kings*
Florida Panthers Liam McLinskey Jersey Hitmen NCDC, 18U
Florida Panthers Tyler Muszelik Rockets Hockey Club 16U 2022/6/189
Los Angeles Kings Braden Doyle Boston Junior Bruins NCDC 2019/6/157
Los Angeles Kings Parker Murray Provo Riverblades Premier
Minnesota Wild Nate Benoit Northern Cyclones NCDC, 16U, 16UF 2021/6/182
Minnesota Wild Ryan Healey Boston Advantage NCDC, 16U 2022/4/121
Montreal Canadiens Ben Merrill Boston Advantage/South Shore Kings* 16U 2024/6/166
Montreal Canadiens Simon Motew Chicago Cougars Premier
Nashville Predators Caeden Herrington CP Dynamo USPHL Youth
Nashville Predators Easton Armstrong Utah Outliers Premier
Nashville Predators T.J. Semptimphelter Boston Junior Bruins NCDC
Nashville Predators Teddy Stiga Islanders Hockey Club* 2024/2/55
New York Rangers Brett Berard South Shore Kings* 2020/5/134
Ottawa Senators Blake Montgomery Rockets Hockey Club NCDC 2024/4/117
Ottawa Senators Nicholas Van Tassell Rockets Hockey Club 16U 2023/7/215
Philadelphia Flyers Hunter McDonald Rochester Monarchs NCDC 2022/6/165
Philadelphia Flyers Jack Page Rockets Hockey Club NCDC
Philadelphia Flyers Ryan Remick Jersey Hitmen/Rockets Hockey Club NCDC/18U
Pittsburgh Penguins Phip Waugh P.A.L. Jr. Islanders NCDC
San Jose Sharks Cameron Lund Boston Junior Bruins/South Shore Kings* NCDC 2022/2/34
San Jose Sharks Collin Graf Boston Junior Bruins NCDC/18U/16U
San Jose Sharks Gregory Japchen P.A.L. Jr. Islanders 18U/NCDC
San Jose Sharks Lucas Vanroboys South Kent Selects Academy 18U/16U
Seattle Kraken David Goyette P.A.L. Jr. Islanders NCDC
Tampa Bay Lightning Cooper Flinton Northern Cyclones* 2021/7/211
Tampa Bay Lightning Tristan Allard Northwood School 18U
Tampa Bay Lightning Joe Connor Northern Cyclones* 2024/7/195
Tampa Bay Lightning Warren Clark South Shore Kings NCDC 2023/6/179
Toronto Maple Leafs Brendan Fitzgerald Islanders Hockey Club 15U, 16U
Toronto Maple Leafs Cade Webber Boston Junior Bruins NCDC
Toronto Maple Leafs Simon Tassy Newbridge Academy 18U
Utah Hockey Club Owen Allard Northwood School 18U 2024/4/135
Utah Hockey Club Sam Lipkin Rockets Hockey Club NCDC 2021/7/223
Utah Hockey Club Will Gavin Northern Cyclones/South Shore Kings/Utica Jr. Comets NCDC
Vancouver Canucks Christian Felton Skipjacks Hockey Club/Boston Junior Bruins* 18U/16U
Vancouver Canucks Jackson Dorrington Boston Junior Bruins NCDC 2022/6/176
Vegas Golden Knights Cade Alami Jersey Hitmen/Connecticut Jr. Rangers NCDC/16U
Vegas Golden Knights Cameron Whitehead Utica Jr. Comets NCDC 2022/4/128
Vegas Golden Knights Joe Fleming Northern Cyclones NCDC
Washington Capitals Ayodele Adeniye Florida Eels USP3HL
Winnipeg Jets Frank Djurasevic South Kent Selects Academy 16U
Winnipeg Jets Kyle Penney Boston Junior Bruins*
* = Organizational Alumni

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