American Players Caught Illegally In Canada

Multiple sources are now reporting that American born players have been caught illegally playing and residing in Canada.

Players in two leagues in western Canada were crossing into Canada saying they were going to Alaska, never continued on to Alaska. This is illegal, not just improper, and it is subject to serious fines for everyone involved.

Sources are reporting that at least three teams had players cross into Canada saying they were going to Alaska on holiday. Travelling without their hockey equipment in case they were stopped and searched, players had new equipment purchased for them.

This is just how far some teams and people will go. They will break the law, and do so deliberately.

So, as a parent, do you honestly want your child playing for a team that will deliberately break their country’s laws? To get Americans onto a team? Really? You are that desperate, and have that little faith in your own Canadian players?

Is that the kind of leadership example you want for your child?

What was so disappointing in only having Canadian players on Canadian teams? For one year, a year when no American scouts will be in Canada anyway.

I wonder what would have happened if one of the players would have contracted COVID while in the country illegally? I wonder what would have happened if one of those illegal players would have infected a Canadian citizen?

The level of stupidity of these teams and these players is without measure in this case.

Hockey Canada will likely ban these players and all others found to have crossed into Canada illegally. Its also likely Canada will ban these players from entering Canada for the next few years as well.

I wonder if one team who didn’t have players cross illegally and break the law turned another team in who did?

I am not going to out the players simply because the players had to be told to do this. When American players show up on Canadian rosters, and those transactions are not publicly reported, its pretty easy to figure out those involved. Even easier when players disappear from rosters the next day.

I wonder if border patrol officers are looking at all the other team rosters now? Maybe there will be some more visits to team offices and arenas across the country?

Like American players in Canada would not get the attention of authorities? How stupid can you be?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser