An Advisers Life – Junior Hockey Leagues About To Change

Everything in junior hockey is about to change. Teams will be folding. Teams will be leaving one league for another. And teams that depend on ticket sales for revenue are in big trouble.

Announcements will be coming soon about many changes taking place in pay to play hockey. Many teams are making moves to different leagues, and many are also folding or going dark .

These announcements may come as soon as today, or Monday according to commissioners I am in contact with.

Tier II or free to play teams are now very vulnerable. Until mass groups are allowed to assemble, no ticket sales can be made, which means no corporate advertising can be sold as it will have no value.

Tier II teams will fold. The BCHL has already admitted publicly that several teams are in trouble. Lets not forget, that all Tier II teams lost revenue when playoffs were cancelled.

Tier II teams are also largely funded by the owners profitable business outside of hockey. When those business operations are closed, there are no profits for hockey.

Consider that we are likely going to have a second round of this virus like the 1918 Spanish flu, we will have another round of social distancing and shut downs unless a vaccine is developed.

Now more than ever it is time to prepare. It is time to have a plan.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser