An Advisers Life – Planning For The Future While Experiencing Coronavirus – Free Consultations

The Coronavirus pandemic has been ravaging the world, and destroying all of the plans players have had for this off season.

The volume of emails I have received has certainly indicated that people don’t know what to do now, and more important, what to do once this is over.

In an effort to help those of you who have questions about the future, and what to do, I will be taking the remainder of my quarantine time and answering your questions.

From questions about preparing, to resumes, to marketing, to which camps or showcases to attend, I will spend an hour with each family that wants some guidance on their individual situation.

To set up your appointment, please email me the players name, age, position, and location. Along with your name, phone number and the best time to call.

My email is Once I hear from you I will get back to you within 24 hours to set an appointment. Video conference as well as regular phone consultation will be available.

To prepare for the consultation, please have specific questions written out so that we can really discuss specific items and use our time effectively.

Stay home, and stay safe. A few month from now everyone will be back on the ice. In the mean time, lets be effective in planning for the future in order to achieve those goals we have set for ourselves over the years.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser