Central Scouting Player Profiles To Be Featured On TJHN Starting Monday

Central Scouting Services will begin featuring Player Profiles daily on TJHN beginning Monday February 3, 2020.

These CSS Player Profiles are free, and the publication of them is exclusive to TJHN.

There is no better way to get your information in front of scouts and recruiters than having your CSS Player Profile complete, and published for all to see on TJHN.

Your profile must be complete to be published. It must contain your Full Name, Position, Address, Phone Number, Email address, statistics, year of birth and as much statistical and educational information as possible.

Video, photos, and other PDF documents can be uploaded to your profile free of charge for scouts to see and get to know you better.

Only those players with complete profiles are eligible to be published on TJHN.

Get your profile today at https://centralscoutingservices.com