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Central Scouting Services Free Access Friday Is Five Days Away – Five Reasons Scouts Use Player Search

Central Scouting Services Player Database is the only secure, user managed, player database in the world that complies with privacy and security laws across the globe.

Five reasons scouts use the player search in the CSS database;

“When I am looking to recruit players that have a certain grade point average, I can use the CSS database to find them. I can eliminate players who don’t meet the minimum standards we are looking for simply by using the GPA search component.”

“We have certain things we look for in players. When I am looking for an injury call up for my right shot Defenseman who is out for a week, I don’t have to waste time looking at left hand shots just by using that search criteria.”

“The database for scouts is customizable. Our organization has asked for certain components to be added to our functionality, and CSS adds them for us. We can keep all of our scouting data in one location and as a GM I can look at all of my scouts notes and player data in one place. This helps all of us stay organized and working in the same direction.”

“Our team information is ours alone. We have internal storage that we manage access to, but the player still controls his profile and other non proprietary information. There is nothing like it anywhere else.”

“When I can have a player upload clips, photos, transcripts, or anything else I want to review, he can do it. I can then go look at all of this information from anywhere in the world at any time that fits in my schedule. No waiting for emails to arrive or for documents to be sent over. Everything is stored securely and it just makes my job easier.”

Or you can contact Jason Nyhof directly and he can get you registered.
Jason Nyhof – Performance Testing Director North America –
1-855-CSS-TEST Ext. 701 jnyhof@centralscoutingservices.com

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